Hao or HAO may refer to:

  • Hào, a form of Chinese pseudonym
  • Hao (Chinese surname) (郝), a Chinese surname
  • Hao (French Polynesia)
  • Hao (city), (镐/鎬, an abbreviation for the city of Xi'an, Shaanxi (China)
  • Haojing, (镐京/鎬京) ancient capital of the Zhou Dynasty which stood on the spot of present day Xian
  • Hao Mengling, Chinese general
  • Hao Asakura, a character in Shaman King media
  • Hao Si-wen, a character in the Water Margin universe
  • Hsu Hao, a character in Mortal Kombat media
  • HAO or High Altitude Observatory
  • HA0, a postcode area of the United Kingdom
  • Hao of Oahu, Prince of Oahu
  • Heather O'Reilly, Heather Ann O'Reilly, American soccer player.
  • Rauvolfia sandwicensis, a plant endemic to Hawaii

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High Altitude Observatory
... The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) conducts research and provides support and facilities for the solar-terrestrial research community in the areas of solar and heliospheric ... HAO is a laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) ... HAO's mission is to understand the behavior of the Sun and its impact on the Earth, to support, enhance, and extend the capabilities of the university ...
Lu Hao
... Lu Hao is the name of Lu Hao (born 1947), official of the People's Republic of China Lu Hao (born 1967), official of the People's Republic of China, First Secretary of Communist Youth ...
Shaolin Handlock - Plot
... that, gives him information of who hired him - the rich benevolent 'Lin Hao' (Lo Lieh) ... In the process, he attracts Lin Hao into accepting him as a bodyguard by stealing and retaining in custody gold that belonged to Lin Hao ... While suspected by other guards, Lin Hao remains in a difficult situation to find out if Li Bai's siblings are still alive and what Ching Yang is really there for.. ...
Cheng Hao - Legacy
... Hao was known as an outgoing, laid-back, and lively man, in contrast to his stern and severe younger brother ... Hao also received several posthumous titles in 1220 he was given the posthumous name "Lord of Purity" (Chinese 純公) by the emperor ... In 1330, an imperial decree made Hao the posthumous "Lord of Yu Kingdom " ...