Hanger or hangers may refer to:

  • Clothes hanger, device in the shape of human shoulders or legs used to hang clothes on
  • Hanger steak, a tender cut of steak
  • Casing hanger, part of a wellhead assembly in oil drilling
  • Derailleur hanger, a slot in a bicycle frame where the derailleur bolt attaches
  • Monkey hanger, a British term for people from Hartlepool, England
  • Hanger, part of a skateboard
  • Hanger, a sword similar to a cutlass, used by woodsmen and soldiers in 17th to 18th centuries
  • Hanger, or specky, a slang term for spectacular mark in Australian rules football
  • Hangers, American slang for large, pendulous breasts
  • Hanger (barbershop music), a long note sung by one voice in a barbershop music song
  • A hanger is a vertical cable or rod connecting the roadway of a suspension bridge to the bridge's main cable or arch
  • Tie (engineering) a type of structural tie
  • An old English word for a wooded slope from the Old English word hangra, preserved in English place names such as Hanger Lane

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Hanger - People
... George Wallace William Hanger (1866–1935), American George Hanger, 4th Baron Coleraine (1750–1824), English author and soldier in the American Revolution Art Hanger (born 1943), Canadian politician James Edward ... Civil War veteran and founder of Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics