Han Purple and Han Blue

Han Purple And Han Blue

Han purple and Han blue (also called Chinese purple and Chinese blue) are synthetic barium copper silicate pigments that were developed in China since ancient time.

Han purple and Han blue were used in ancient and imperial China from the Western Zhou period (1045-771 BC) until the end of the Han dynasty (c. 220 AD).

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Han Purple And Han Blue - Preservation
... Due to the instability of Han purple, it shows significant signs of weathering on archaeologically excavated artifacts ... The copper(I) oxide formed in the decomposition of Han purple (see section on color) remains stable, but Han purple continues to deteriorate and so its purple color increases with time ... Han purple fades in acid, so colorless particles found in pigments containing Han blue and Han purple may be particles which were originally purple but which faded in acidic conditions in burial ...

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