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Cassie Hack - In Other Media - Stage
... In the 2005 stage play, Hack/Slash Stagefright, Cassie was portrayed by Stefani Bishop ... New Millenium Theatre Company, was an adaptation of Hack/Slash Euthanized and Hack/Slash Girls Gone Dead ...
Sabine Hack
... Sabine Hack (born 12 July 1969 in Ulm) is a former professional tennis player from Germany ... Hack reached a career-high ranking of No ...
Hack - Other Uses
... Hack writer, a writer who is paid to write low-quality, quickly put-together articles or books Hack (comedy), a joke, or premise for a joke, that is considered ... Hack (masonry), a row of stacked unfired bricks protected from the rain Roof and tunnel hacking, unauthorized exploration of roof and utility tunnel spaces Political hack, a person who devotes him/herself to ... A taxi driver's license is often called a "hack license." ...
List Of Japanese Television Series - !$@
... .hack//Legend of the Twilight - Anime, 2003.hack//Roots - Anime, 2006.hack//Sign - Anime, 2002 ...
Cassie Hack
... Cassandra "Cassie" Hack is a fictional character that appears in the Hack/Slash comic books published by Devil's Due Publishing ... The character first appears in Hack/Slash Euthanized (April 2004), and was created by writer and occasional penciller Tim Seeley ... In 2005, Stefani Bishop portrayed Cassie in a stage adaptation of Hack/Slash called Hack/Slash Stagefright ...

Famous quotes containing the word hack:

    I was gonna call it “I Love You, Samantha” but some old hack got there before me.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)

    Painting consumes labour not disproportionate to its effect; but a fellow will hack half a year at a block of marble to make something in stone that hardly resembles a man. The value of statuary is owing to its difficulty. You would not value the finest head cut upon a carrot.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)