Habitable Zones

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Habitable Zone
... In astronomy and astrobiology, habitable zone (more accurately, circumstellar habitable zone or CHZ) is the scientific term for the region around a star within which it is theoretically possible for a ... Contemporary alternatives include "HZ", "life zone", and "Goldilocks Zone" ... "Habitable zone" is sometimes used more generally to denote various regions that are considered favorable to life in some way ...
Drake Equation - Discussion and Current Estimates
... There may well be other, as yet unseen, earth-sized planets in the habitable zones of these stars ... Also, the variety of solar systems that might have habitable zones is not just limited to solar-type stars and earth-sized planets it is now believed that even tidally locked planets close to red ... two different research groups concluded that Gliese 581 d may possibly be habitable ...
Habitability Of Red Dwarf Systems
... While the relatively little energy output, small habitable zones, probability of tidally locked planets, and high stellar variation are postulated impediments to habitability, the ubiquity and longevity of red ... Planets in the habitable zone of most red dwarfs would experience such a strong tidal heating that the hydrogen necessary for water and all known life would be 'baked out' of the planets ... dwarfs, lack of planetary axial tilts, small habitable zones due to low energy output, different spectral energy distribution than the Sun (lacking ultraviolet and visible ...

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