A gyroball is a type of baseball pitch used primarily by players in Japan.

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Gyroballers - Possibilities
... Daisuke Matsuzaka Familiar with the gyroball, Matsuzaka has stated that he can throw the gyroball, however cannot do so on a consistent basis ... Baseball Prospectus suggests that while Matsuzaka commands a dazzling array of pitches, the gyroball is more myth than reality ... Wilson He has claimed that he throws the gyroball ...
Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū Series - The Gyroball Within Powerful Pro Yakyu
... The Power Pro series raised some controversy in Japan with its use of the term "Gyroball", a term made popular by Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka when he ... The Gyroball appears not as a pitch usable in a baseball game, but as one of the special abilities assigned to particular pitchers ... In Pawapuro, pitchers that have the Gyroball ability get increased velocity on their fastball, which is completely different from the actual ...
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Playing Style - Pitching
... like a screwball, similar to Pedro Martínez's change) is commonly confused with the gyroball ... done by TV Asahi (footage below), the gyroball is a pitch that is thrown with a bullet-like spin and is designed to have little to no movement ... However, Matsuzaka still has yet to publicly admit that he can throw a gyroball ...