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Gun Hill Road (Bronx) - History
... During the Revolution, the road was an important artery over which the British and the Colonists fought ... In January 1777, the colonists brought a cannon to the top of a hill and fired at the British ... The hill, now inside Woodlawn Cemetery was locally called Gun Hill afterwards ...
List Of Bus Routes In The Bronx - List of Routes - Bx26 To BPSH
... Bx27* Clasons Point Soundview Avenue cul-de-sac ↔ Longwood West Farms Road and Southern Boulevard Soundview Avenue, Rosedale Avenue, Westchester Avenue Replaced Sound ... Bx28* Fordham East Kingsbridge Road and East 192 Street ↔ Co-op City Earhart Lane and Erskine Place Jerome Avenue, Gun Hill Road, Bartow Avenue Began September 18, 1933 Formerly ... Norwood East 206 Street and Bainbridge Avenue ↔ Co-op City Earhart Lane Gun Hill Road, Boston Road, Baychester Avenue, Bartow Avenue Formerly Bx7 Operates in Co-op City via 1-4-5 ...
Allerton, Bronx - Transportation
... via Allerton Av) Bx28 to Co-op City or Fordham (via Gun Hill Road) Bx39 to Wakefield 241 Street station or Clason's Point (via White Plains Rd) Bee-Line ...
Gun Hill Road (Bronx)
... Gun Hill Road is a major thoroughfare in the New York City borough of the Bronx ... The road stretches for 3.5 miles (5.63 kilometres) in Woodlawn and Morris Park ... Gun Hill Road begins at Stillwell Avenue in Morris Park near the Hutchinson River Parkway exit and comes to an end at the Mosholu Parkway in Woodlawn ...

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    The most interesting thing which I heard of, in this township of Hull, was an unfailing spring, whose locality was pointed out to me on the side of a distant hill, as I was panting along the shore, though I did not visit it. Perhaps, if I should go through Rome, it would be some spring on the Capitoline Hill I should remember the longest.
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