Ground Stations

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Other Geosynchronous Orbits
... satellites in order to keep the satellite within view of its assigned ground stations or receivers ... in an elliptical geosynchronous orbit appears to oscillate in the sky from the viewpoint of a ground station, tracing an analemma in the sky ... highly elliptical orbits must be tracked by steerable ground stations ...
Rapid Transit In Singapore - Safety
... campaign posters are highly visible in trains and stations, and the operators frequently broadcast safety announcements to passengers and to commuters waiting for trains ... Platform screen doors are installed at all underground stations, with Half-Height Platform Screen Doors (HHPSDs) currently being built at all above-ground stations ... These prevent suicides, enable climate control in stations, and prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas ...
Communications In The People's Republic Of China - History of Telecommunications Services
... were the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Radio Beijing, and China Central Television ... The large, continuously upgraded satellite ground stations, originally installed in 1972 to provide live coverage of the visits to China by U.S ... By 1977 China had joined Intelsat and, using ground stations in Beijing and Shanghai, had linked up with satellites over the Indian and Pacific oceans ...
Site Diversity
... The site diversity technique consists of linking two or more ground stations receiving the same signal this way, if the signal is heavily attenuated in one area, another ground ... often have a horizontal length of no more than a few kilometres putting the ground stations at a sufficient distance the possibility of rain fade in the downlink ... The configuration works when the attenuation is not great at the two stations simultaneously ...

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