Grime may refer to:

  • Dirt
  • Grime (music), a genre of music
  • Grime (album), an album by Iniquity
  • GrimE, an adventure game engine

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Other articles related to "grime":

... Mark Foster, known as MRK1 (formerly Mark One), is a dubstep, grime and bass music producer, originally from Manchester, England ... He began making dnb and then progressed into Dubstep/Grime and more recently has seen him branch out into all genres of bass music ... In 2004 MRK1, Plastician and Slaughter Mob released an album called “Grime” on Aphex Twins label Rephlex Records ...
Logan Sama
... Logan Sama is an English Grime DJ from Brentwood, Essex, who currently hosts a show on London's Kiss FM ... He moved to London's Kiss 100 in the spring of 2005 and began a late night specialist Grime show running from 2-4am on Thursday night/Friday morning ... led to him becoming the leading figure in radio for Grime music ...
J. Philip Grime
... John Philip Grime FRS is a prominent British ecologist and emeritus professor at the University of Sheffield ... Grime's 1979 book Plant Strategies and Vegetation Processes has been cited more than 1,200 times ... In an interview Grime has stated that "Ecology lacks a Periodic Table", quoting Richard Southwood ...
Bassline House - Characteristics
... Like dubstep and grime, bassline generally places a strong emphasis on bass, with intricate basslines (often multiple and interweaving) being characteristic of the genre ... such as female R B vocals sped up to match the faster tempo, and also samples of vocals from grime tracks ... faster than most UK garage and around the same tempo as most grime and dubstep ...