Green and Black Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates auratus, also known as the green and black poison dart frog, green-and-black poison dart frog or the green and black poison arrow frog, and sometimes mint poison frog (not to be confused with the mint-green color morph of Phyllobates terribilis), is a brightly colored member of the order Anura native to Central America and northwestern parts of South America. It is one of the most variable of all poison dart frogs next to Dendrobates tinctorius. It is considered to be of least concern from a conservation standpoint by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Green And Black Poison Dart Frog - As Pets
... Green-and-black poison dart frogs are popular exotic pets due to their small size, bright colors, and intriguing behavior ... As with all frogs, they have permeable skin and should not be handled whenever possible ...

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