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Seeing Islam As Others Saw It - Chronicles and Histories - Greek Texts
... Theophanes the Confessor Patriarch Nicephorus A Short Chronology ad annum 818 Armenian Texts Christian Arabic Texts Agapius, Bishop of Manbij Eutychius of Alexandria The Chronicle ...
Rosetta Stone - Memphis Decree and Its Context
... However, a second date is also given in the Greek and hieroglyphic texts, corresponding to 27 November 197 BC, the official anniversary of Ptolemy's coronation ... the gods" (hieroglyphs), the "language of documents" (demotic), and the "language of the Greeks" as used by the Ptolemaic government ... Hence, although the government of Egypt had been Greek-speaking ever since the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Memphis decree, like the two preceding decrees in the ...
Middle English Bible Translations - Legacy
... Greek and Hebrew texts would become available with the development of the Johann Gutenberg's movable-type printing press which coincided with the development of Early Modern English, making English a literary ... Critical and exact Greek scholarship became again a possibility ... But the revival of learning threw scholarship into debate regarding the sources of the text ...
Alchemist - History - Alchemy in The Islamic World
... and controlled experimentation in the laboratory, in contrast to the ancient Greek and Egyptian alchemists whose works were often allegorical and unintelligible, with very little concern for ... remains to us of the alchemical literature in the Greek language ... by Byzantine scientists from the tenth century, the corpus of the Greek alchemists is a cluster of incoherent fragments, going back to all the times since the third century until the end of ...

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    The party of God and the party of Literature have more in common than either will admit; their texts may conflict, but their bigotries coincide. Both insist on being the sole custodians of the true word and its only interpreters.
    Frederic Raphael (b. 1931)

    Indeed, there is hardly the professor in our colleges, who, if he has mastered the difficulties of the language, has proportionally mastered the difficulties of the language, has proportionally mastered the difficulties of the wit and poetry of a Greek poet, and has any sympathy to impart to the alert and heroic reader.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)