Grade Inflation

Grade inflation is the tendency of academic grades for work of comparable quality to increase over time.

It is frequently discussed in relation to U.S. education, and to GCSEs and A levels in England and Wales. It is also an issue in Canada and a major issue in Argentina and Brazil.

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Grade Inflation in Britain - Higher Education
... Between 1995 and 2011, the proportion of first degree graduates achieving upper second class honours increased from 40.42% to 48.38%, whilst those students graduating with lower second class honours dropped from 34.97% to 28.9% ... The number of Third class honours, ordinary (a pass), and unclassified awards has dropped substantially during the same period ...
Cornell–Harvard Hockey Rivalry - History of The Rivalry - The Rivalry Today
... taunts during the Cornell-Harvard rivalry in recent years that involve references to grade inflation and admissions standards ... Cornell is among the most grade deflationary institutions in the United States ... Grading practices at Harvard have been cited as examples of grade inflation ...
Academic Grading In Croatia - Grade Inflation
... A significant grade inflation has been observed in primary education and, to a lesser degree, in secondary education. 168,000 out of 365,000 elementary school students were graded "excellent" by their grade point average ...
GCE Advanced Level - Criticism - Grade Inflation - Growing Controversy
... the large number of students achieving A grades, and in order to mirror the current GCSE standards, a debate arose in 2004 as to whether a new, higher "super A" grade (like the A* grade at GCSE ... As will be seen in 2010, it was generally agreed that bringing in higher grades would be a much better idea than raising the grade boundaries to keep the standards consistent, and it has been ... From A2 exams sat in 2010, the highest A level grade will be A*, requiring an A grade overall and 90% overall average UMS in A2 papers ...
Comprehensive School - Germany - Controversies - Grade Inflation
... Comprehensive schools have been accused of grade inflation after a study revealed that Gymnasium senior students of average mathematical ability found themselves in ... in the upper half of their class and had an average grade of "Three Plus" ... students did worse than could be predicted by their grades or class rank ...

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