Gottfried is a name of German origin. It consists of the German words for "God" (Gott) and "peace" (fried), and is used as both a first name and as a surname.

Gottfried is the surname of:

  • Gilbert Gottfried, American comedian
  • Brian Gottfried
  • John Gottfried
  • Keith Gottfried
  • Mark Gottfried
  • Martin Gottfried
  • Paul Gottfried
  • Richard Gottfried

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Mark Gottfried - Coaching Career - North Carolina State
... On April 5, 2011, Gottfried accepted the job as head coach of the NC State Wolfpack men's basketball team ... To celebrate the upcoming basketball season, Gottfried planned to perform a tandem skydive into Carter Finley Stadium during halftime of a football game ... his team was selected into the tournament, Gottfried received a 2 year extension on his contract that now won't expire until April 4, 2018 ...
Andreas Ernst Gottfried Polysius - Family
... Andreas Ernst Gottfried Polysius was born in Dessau the only son of Gottfried Polysius and Louise Sturm ... to Louise Amelang, daughter of a lumber trader Gottfried Amelang and the Leopoldine Schmidt ... From this marriage his father bore two sons, Andreas's half brothers Gottfried Otto Polysius, * 27 September 1863, and Gottfried max of Polysius, * 19 March 1870 ...
1984 Congoleum Classic – Doubles
... Brian Gottfried and Raúl Ramirez were the defending champions but only Gottfried competed that year with Victor Amaya ... Amaya and Gottfried lost in the second round to Martin Davis and Chris Dunk ...
Carl Gottfried Woide
... Carl Gottfried Woide (German Karl Gottfried Woide) (1725–1790), also known in England as Charles Godfrey Woide, was an Orientalist ...