Godric may refer to:

  • Godric of Finchale, an Anglo-Saxon saint
  • Godric the Sheriff, an 11th century sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
  • Godric, a fictional character in the television series True Blood (who was also a sheriff)
  • Godric of Winchcombe, a medieval abbot of Winchcombe Abbey
  • Godric (novel), a Pulitzer-nominated book by Frederick Buechner
  • Godric Gryffindor, a fictional character in the Harry Potter universe
    • Godric's Hollow, a fictional place in the Harry Potter universe

Other articles related to "godric":

Godric The Sheriff
... Godric (died c.1066 ) was the Anglo Saxon sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire in the 11th century prior to the Norman Conquest ... It was recorded that Godric was "a colourful old scoundrel" ... Godric had at least one daughter, who was taught gold embriodery by a maid called Aelfgyth in Oakley, Buckinghamshire before the Norman Conquest ...
Robert Of Newminster - Location of Relics and Miracles Associated With Saint Robert
... St Robert was a close spiritual friend of the hermit Saint Godric ... On the night Robert died, St Godric is said to have seen a vision of Robert's soul, like a ball of fire, being lifted by angels on a pathway of light toward the gates of heaven ... As they approached, Godric heard a voice saying, "Enter now my friends." ...
Diagon - Dwellings - Godric's Hollow
... Godric's Hollow is a fictional village located in the West Country of England ... Godric's Hollow was the home of James Potter's family, and the home of long-dead Hogwarts founder Godric Gryffindor (after whom the village was named) ... After expressing his interest in returning to Godric's Hollow to visit his parents' graves, Harry does so in the company of Hermione Granger ...
Finchale Priory - Early History
... Godric came to live on the eventual site of Finchale Priory in the early twelfth century, creating a hermitage dedicated to St John the Baptist ... Godric’s biographers recorded that he lived an ascetic life on this site for 50 years, living and sleeping outside and rejecting expensive cloth and plentiful food ... It is said that Godric slept on the ground with only stones and branches as his furniture ...