Global Film Initiative - Global Lens 2008

Global Lens 2008

  • All For Free (Sve Džaba) by Antonio Nuić, Croatia, 2006
  • The Bet Collector (Kubrador) by Jeffrey Jeturian, The Philippines, 2006
  • Bunny Chow by John Barker, South Africa, 2006
  • The Custodian (El Custodio) by Rodrigo Moreno, Argentina, 2006
  • The Fish Fall in Love (Mahiha Ashegh Mishavand) by Ali Raffi, Iran, 2006
  • Kept and Dreamless (Las Mantenidas Sin Sueos) by Vera Fogwill and Martín Desalvo, Argentina, 2005
  • The Kite (Le Cerf-Volant) by Randa Chahal Sabbag, Lebanon, 2004
  • Let The Wind Blow (Hava Aney DeyLet) by Partho Sen-Gupta, India, 2005
  • Luxury Car (Jiang Cheng Xia Ri) by Wang Chao, China, 2006
  • Opera Jawa by Garin Nugroho, Indonesia, 2006

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