Glenoid Fossa

Glenoid fossa can refer to:

  • Glenoid cavity (more common)
  • Mandibular fossa

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Juliana Wetmore - Diagnosis - Clinical Findings
... abnormal orbital size and position Mandible M0 normal mandible M1 small mandible and glenoid fossa with short ramus M2 ramus short and abnormally shaped 2A glenoid fossa in anatomical ...
Rotator Cuff - Function
... They hold the head of the humerus in the small and shallow glenoid fossa of the scapula ... as a golf ball (head of the humerus) sitting on a golf tee (glenoid fossa) ... words, without the rotator cuff, the humeral head would ride up partially out of the glenoid fossa, lessening the efficiency of the deltoid muscle ...