Glass Cockpits

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Aircraft Avionics - Monitoring
... The first hints of glass cockpits emerged in the 1970s when flight-worthy cathode ray tubes (CRT) screens began to replace electromechanical displays, gauges and instruments ... A “glasscockpit refers to the use of computer monitors instead of gauges and other analog displays. 1970s, the average aircraft had more than 100 cockpit instruments and controls ...
Glass Cockpit
... A glass cockpit is an aircraft cockpit that features electronic (digital) instrument displays, typically large LCD screens, rather than the traditional style of analog ... While a traditional cockpit relies on numerous mechanical gauges to display information, a glass cockpit uses several displays driven by flight management systems, that can be adjusted to display flight ... GPS receivers are usually integrated into glass cockpits ...
Glass Cockpit - History
... aircraft in the mid-1970s had more than one hundred cockpit instruments and controls, and the primary flight instruments were already crowded with indicators, crossbars, and symbols, and the ... situation, culminating in a series of flights demonstrating a full glass cockpit system ... The success of the NASA-led glass cockpit work is reflected in the total acceptance of electronic flight displays beginning with the introduction of the MD-80 in 1979 ...

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