Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is an American biotechnology company that discovers, develops and commercializes therapeutics. For many years since the company was founded, the company concentrated primarily on antiviral drugs to treat patients infected with HIV, hepatitis B or influenza. In 2006, Gilead acquired two companies that were developing drugs to treat patients with pulmonary diseases. The company has fourteen commercially available products. Headquartered and founded in Foster City, California, Gilead has operations in North America, Europe and Australia. As of the end of 2009, the company had approximately 4,000 full-time employees. The company's name and logo refer to the Balm of Gilead. Gilead (a place mentioned in the Bible) was famed for its small trees that produced a resin used in medicine.

Gilead is a member of the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index and the S&P 500.

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Gilead Sciences - Product Pipeline
... Gilead's pipeline focuses on HCV, HIV, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders ... Product pipeline Drug Name Description Potential Indication Testing Phase Integrase Fixed-dose Regimen "Quad" elvitegravir/FTC/TDF/cobicistat HIV/AIDS Phase III Truvada/TMC 278 Fixed-dose Regimen Viread, Emtriva, and TMC 278 HIV/AIDS Phase III Elvitegravir (formerly GS-9137) Integrase inhibitor HIV/AIDS Phase III Cobicistat (GS-9350) Pharmacokinetic enhancer HIV/AIDS Phase III Tegobuvir (GS 9190) Non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase II Cicletanine Antihypertensive Pulmonary arterial hypertension Phase II Aztreonam inhalation solution Bronchiectasis Phase II Ranolazine Late sodium current inhibitor Coronary Artery Disease/Diabetes Phase II GS 9256 Protease inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase II GS 9310/11 inhaled fosfomycin/tobramycin Cystic Fibrosis/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Phase II GS 9667 (formerly CVT-3619) Partial A1 adenosine agonist Diabetes/Dyslipidemia terminated GS 7340 Nucleotide HIV/AIDS Phase I GS 9451 Protease inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase I GS 5885 NS5A inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase I GS 9620 TLR-7 agonist Hepatitis C/Hepatitis B Phase I GS 6201 (formerly CVT-6883) A2B adenosine antagonist Pulmonary diseases Phase I GS 6620 Nucleotide polymerase inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase I Sofosbuvir (formerly GS 7977) Nucleotide polymerase inhibitor Hepatitis C Phase III GS 9669 Non-nucleotide polymerase inhibitor Hepatitis C pre-clinical GS 9411 Epithelial sodium channel blocker Pulmonary diseases Phase I CVT-10216 ALDH-2 inhibitor Drug addiction pre-clinical Tecadenoson Selective A1 adenosine receptor Atrial fibrillation terminated Perfan Enoximone Heart failure Phase III GS 9219 Nucleotide analogue Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Phase I GS 8374 Protease inhibitor HIV/AIDS pre-clinical GS 424020 Prodrug of Desisobutryl-ciclesonide and salmeterol Asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease pre-clinical GS 9148 Nucleotide analog, phosphonomethoxy-2'-fluoro-2', 3'-dideoxydidehydroadenosine HIV/AIDS pre-clinical GS 9131 Prodrug of GS 9148 HIV/AIDS pre-clinical GS 9224 Integrase inhibitor HIV/AIDS pre-clinical GS 6624 Humanized monoclonal antibody idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and advanced solid tumors Phase I CAL-101 PI3K Delta selective inhibitor Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Phase I CAL-263 PI3K Delta selective inhibitor inflammatory diseases Preclinical CAL-120 PI3K Delta selective inhibitor inflammatory diseases and oncology Preclinical CAL-129 PI3K Delta selective inhibitor inflammatory diseases and oncology Preclinical CAL-253 PI3K Delta selective inhibitor inflammatory diseases and oncology Preclinical ...

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    There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole
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