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German Loan Words - German Terms Common in English Academic Context - Physical Sciences
... underlying theory Antiblockiersystem Aufbau principle (physical chemistry) (German spelling Aufbauprinzip) Bremsstrahlung Entgegen and its opposite zusammen (organic chemistry ... Gedanken experiment (German spelling Gedankenexperiment more commonly referred to as a "thought experiment" in English.) Gegenschein, a faint brightening of the night sky in the region of the antisolar ...
Germanism (linguistics) - Examples in Different Languages - Russian
1716 Peter ordered that the administrative writers learn German "Some 30 young officials should be sent to Königsberg for the purpose of learning the German language so that they are more suitable for the ... Russian has taken many words from the military sector from German, for example Schlagbaum шлагбаум (turnpike) and Marschroute маршрут (line of approach), and also ... In his writings about mining and metallurgy, he uses German words, the names of metals and minerals Wismut Висмут (bismuth), Wolfram Вольфрам (tungsten ...

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    We drove the Indians out of the land,
    But a dire revenge those Redmen planned,
    For they fastened a name to every nook,
    And every boy with a spelling book
    Will have to toil till his hair turns gray
    Before he can spell them the proper way.
    Eva March Tappan (1854–1930)

    The French courage proceeds from vanity—the German from phlegm—the Turkish from fanaticism & opium—the Spanish from pride—the English from coolness—the Dutch from obstinacy—the Russian from insensibility—but the Italian from anger.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)