Geomunoreum Lava Tube

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Lava, Celje
... Lava is a neighborhood (Slovene mestna četrt) of the city of Celje in Slovenia northwest of the city center ... Center Dečkovo Naselje Dolgo Polje Gaberje Hudinja Karel Destovnik Kajuh Lava Nova Vas Savinja Slavko Šlander Landmarks Celje Airport Celje Castle Celje Ceiling Celje Hall Celje Hut Celje Post ...
Tammora - Main Sights - Tourist Attractions
... Manjanggul is one of the longest lava tubes in the world ... Created by spewing lava, "the lava turtle", "lava pillar", and "Wing-shaped Wall" look like the work of the gods ... The Geomunoreum lava tube system is the most impressive and significant series of protected lava tube caves in the world and includes a spectacular array of secondary carbonate speleothems (s ...
Squaw Ridge Lava Field
... The Squaw Ridge lava field, also known as the East lava field, is a young basaltic field located in the U.S ...
Sachs Patera
... Solidified lava flows 10 to 25 kilometers (6 to 16 miles) long give the caldera its flower-like appearance ... The flows are a lighter tone of gray in the radar data because the lava is blockier in texture and consequently returns more radar waves ... Much of the lava, which was evacuated from the chamber, probably traveled to other locations underground, while some of it may have surfaced further south ...
Snowshoe Lava Field
... The Snowshoe Lava Field is a volcanic field associated with the Mount Edziza volcanic complex in northern British Columbia, Canada ... It is on the southern end of the Big Raven Plateau and is an area of young lava flows ...

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    One of the great natural phenomena is the way in which a tube of toothpaste suddenly empties itself when it hears that you are planning a trip, so that when you come to pack it is just a twisted shell of its former self, with not even a cubic millimeter left to be squeezed out.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    We walk on molten lava on which the claw of a fly or the fall of a hair makes its impression, which being received, the mass hardens to flint and retains every impression forevermore.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)