Genesee County Sheriff's Office (New York) - Responsibilities


It is responsible for services such as: Law Enforcement, Emergency Communications, Civil Processes, Corrections, Community Services/Victim Assistance and Animal Control in the Genesse County Area. The Sheriff's Office also has an Investigation and Road Patrol Division.

Like most other states, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs in the State of New York are regular law-enforcement officers, with full police powers and duties such as patrol work, prisoner transport, civil process, and court security.

In most counties in N.Y., the Undersheriff is the Warden of the county jail. In Genesee County, the sheriff has ultimate authority to operate the 80-bed county jail, built in 1985. In this county, rather than an undersheriff, it is managed by a "jail superintendent" with 27 other employees and managers.

The sheriff's office is also involved in pre-trial and post-release supervision.

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