Generalized Mass Action

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Detailed Balance - Wegscheider's Conditions For The Generalized Mass Action Law
... According to the generalized mass action law, the reaction rate for an elementary reaction is where is the activity of ... The principle of detailed balance for the generalized mass action law is For given values there exists a positive equilibrium with detailed balance ... For the Wegscheider conditions this kinetic law is the law of mass action (or the generalized law of mass action) ...

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    The action of the soul is oftener in that which is felt and left unsaid, than in that which is said in any conversation. It broods over every society, and they unconsciously seek for it in each other.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    One is conscious of no brave and noble earnestness in it, of no generalized passion for intellectual and spiritual adventure, of no organized determination to think things out. What is there is a highly self-conscious and insipid correctness, a bloodless respectability submergence of matter in manner—in brief, what is there is the feeble, uninspiring quality of German painting and English music.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    Compare the history of the novel to that of rock ‘n’ roll. Both started out a minority taste, became a mass taste, and then splintered into several subgenres. Both have been the typical cultural expressions of classes and epochs. Both started out aggressively fighting for their share of attention, novels attacking the drama, the tract, and the poem, rock attacking jazz and pop and rolling over classical music.
    W. T. Lhamon, U.S. educator, critic. “Material Differences,” Deliberate Speed: The Origins of a Cultural Style in the American 1950s, Smithsonian (1990)