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General Board Of The United States Navy - Dissolution
... In its beginning years, the General Board of the United States Navy was effectively a naval general staff, but started to lose its influence with the creation of the Chief of Naval Operations. 1915 reduced some of the importance of the board, but even until the beginning of World War II some of the most senior admirals on the active list and some very experienced ... Chiefs of Staff, and the Unification Act - the General Board was put to less and less use." The board was inactivated by order of Chief of Naval Operations ...
Advanced Base Force - Background
... In 1900, the "General Board of the Navy" was established to foresee and make recommendations on naval policy, assuming the tasks of the nation's naval expeditionary and strategic challenges ... The General Board developed some potential war plans for possible events that may be measured if such attacks were to be aimed for the continental east coast, Antilles of the ... The General Board was convinced that it would require hastily developed advanced bases, and it could not depend on the small and overextended United States Army to defend the bases in short order ...
Charles P. Snyder (admiral) - World War II
... of rear admiral and became a member of the General Board with additional duty as the president of the Board for Inspection of Military Readiness in Naval Districts ... As a member of the General Board, Snyder participated in the debate over the role of African American sailors in the Navy ... sailors to menial duties as stewards and messmen, excluding them from general service on the grounds that they were unable to maintain discipline among white subordinates and therefore had to be ...
Advanced Base Force - Definitive History - Institution - 1905–1910
... time recorded a strength increase of two thousand men since 1903, the General Board considered it a favorable quota to proceed in the organizing a "permanent" advanced base force thus making further ... The General Board in 1909 reviewed the scant progress since 1900 and concluded that neither the Navy Department nor the Marine Corps had done much to make the advanced ... The aides and the General Board improved policy matters and were very influential in behalf of war preparedness and establishing a balanced naval fleet ...
Confession Of Faith (United Methodist) - Text
... United Methodist Church Structure General conference Conferences of the United Methodist Church (Jurisdictional, Central) Annual Conference (List ...

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