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Gato Fedorento ( "Smelly Cat") is a Portuguese group of comic actors, who previously worked on SIC and RTP; they are currently signed to the Portugal Telecom group, with whom they have a contract of unspecified duration. The group is composed of the four actors José Diogo Quintela, Miguel Góis, Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Tiago Dores. After a short but noteworthy career, they are currently living off the image rights from a series of advertisements they produced for the aforementioned PT group.

Gato Fedorento has had nine seasons so far. The Fonseca Series, the Meireles Series and the Barbosa Series were broadcast on SIC Radical. The fourth season, named Lopes da Silva, was the first broadcast on RTP. Season names are meant to represent typical Portuguese last names and when chosen for a season, the name is used as a last name for every single character on the show. The fifth series, titled Diz que é uma Espécie de Magazine, signified a change in the show's format, that now spoofs current events instead of relying on generic gags. The sixth and seventh series (second and third seasons of Diz que é uma Espécie de Magazine) were the last shows made by Gato Fedorento on RTP. After returning to SIC, the comedians kept the new format and made their 8th series, Zé Carlos. Their ninth and last series, Gato Fedorento Esmiúça Os Sufrágios, was constituted by 30 shows, transmitted live from Monday to Friday, covering the Portuguese elections of 2009.

Gato Fedorento is known for using Portuguese idiomatic expressions - like the phrase "ah e tal", which doesn't really mean anything in concrete but is used, especially in reported speech, to indicate that the person speaking is saying something of lesser consequence - as well as fictional city names that sound like realistic traditional villages, such as "São Jorge da Morrunhanha" and the new "Vila Nova da Rabona" (rabona being a synonym for "big ass").

In Diz que é uma Espécie de Magazine, Portuguese politicians and personalities are mostly played by Ricardo Araújo Pereira, with the most spoofed being José Sócrates, Valentim Loureiro, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Paulo Bento.

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