Gap Junction Channels

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List Of Airports By IATA Code: G - G
... Seenu Atoll, Maldives GAO MUGT Mariana Grajales Airport (Los Canos Airport) Guantánamo, Cuba GAP Gusap Airport Gusap, Papua New Guinea GAQ GAGO Gao International Airport Gao, Mali GAR Garaina Airport Garaina ... United States GCI EGJB Guernsey Airport Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom GCJ FAGC Grand Central Airport Johannesburg, South Africa GCK KGCK Garden ... Guajara-Mirim, Rondônia, Brazil GJR BIGJ Gjögur Airport Gjögur, Iceland GJT KGJT Grand Junction Regional Airport (Walker Field) Grand Junction, Colorado, United States -GK- GKA AYGA Goroka ...
Gap Junction - Structure
... In vertebrates, gap junction hemichannels are primarily homo- or hetero-hexamers of connexin proteins ... Invertebrate gap junctions comprise proteins from the hypothetical innexin family ... the recently characterized pannexin family, which was originally thought to form intercellular channels (based on similar amino acid sequence similarity to innexins), in fact functions as ...

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