Gap Junction

A gap junction or nexus is a specialized intercellular connection between a multitude of animal cell-types. It directly connects the cytoplasm of two cells, which allows various molecules and ions to pass freely between cells.

One gap junction channel is composed of two connexons (or hemichannels) which connect across the intercellular space. Gap junctions are analogous to the plasmodesmata that join plant cells.

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GJB2 - Function
... Gap junctions were first characterized by electron microscopy as regionally specialized structures on plasma membranes of contacting adherent cells ... Proteins, called connexins, purified from fractions of enriched gap junctions from different tissues differ ... Another system of nomenclature divides gap junction proteins into 2 categories, alpha and beta, according to sequence similarities at the nucleotide and amino acid levels ...
Discovery - What Is A Gap Junction Made Of? - The "plaque" or "formation Plaque"
... Early descriptions of "gap junctions" and "connexons" did not refer to them as such and many other terms were used ... disks" were an accurate reference to gap junction plaques ... Later studies showed gap junction plaques are home to non-connexin proteins making the modern usage of the terms "gap junction" and "gap junction plaque" non-interchangeable as the area of the gap junction ...
Vasomotion - Mechanism
... Gap junctions are thought to play a large role in this synchronization, as application of gap junction blockers has been shown to abolish vasomotion, indicating a critical role ... Due to regional variations in gap junction distribution and coupling (homocellular vs ... In this model, high gap junction coupling is present between the vascular smooth muscle cells, the endothelial cells and the endothelial to vascular smooth muscle cells ...
... component • endoplasmic reticulum membrane • plasma membrane • gap junction • connexon complex • integral to membrane Biological process ...
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