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Yahtzee Jr. is a simplified variant meant to be played by younger children ages four and above. There are many Yahtzee Jr. products, all typically tied into several children's titles or cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse and Pokémon. The different variants are all decorative, as they all use the same mechanics.

At the onset, players use the five tokens of the same color. Each token represents a character of each of the five dice. Points are scored by moving a token over a common scoreboard covering a column corresponding to the number of times that character appears on the dice. Only one token can occupy a scoreboard space at a time, and a different character must be scored on each turn. Also, once a token is placed on the scoreboard, it cannot be moved. The score of zero for a character is denoted by placing that character's token over its picture in the unmarked column.

Each die also includes a sixth character that acts as a wild card. If such a character appears, it can represent any of the five objective characters.

The game ends when all turns are taken and scored. Points are totaled by adding the numbers of the columns where the character tokens are placed. The player with the highest total wins. In case of a tie, the winner is determined by rolling the highest number of wild card characters.

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