Games Related To Yahtzee - Challenge Yahtzee

Selling since 1974, Challenge Yahtzee was marketed as a "fast paced" variant of the parent game. It is played like the parent game, but its difference lies on the fact the players make decisions on the common rolls at the same time.

A total of 25 dice are used in this game. Five larger common dice are used only in the first roll to be used by all players. The smaller dice (called "markers" in this game) are to be used by the individual players to denote the dice one would keep for the subsequent rolls. These smaller dice are held in individual slots on the tray provided. Players have their own discretions on which of their own individual dice should be kept. The second step involves the common roll for the least amount of empty slots for each player. The result of each common roll should be duplicated by all players, depending on the empty cells each player has. The second step ends when all players have their slots filled. The third step is the same as the second, but the arrangement of the dice for each player will be the final one.

Scoring in this game is the same as in standard Yahtzee.

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