Gali may refer to:

  • Gali (town), a town in Abkhazia, Georgia
  • Gali District, Abkhazia
  • Gali Municipality, Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia
  • Gali District, Georgia
  • Toa Gali, a hero in Lego's Bionicle storyline
  • Boutros Boutros-Ghali, due to a different transliteration.
  • Ghali (disambiguation), due to a different transliteration.
  • Gali, an Indian surname or family name.

Gali (Urdu: گلی ‎) refers to an alley or alleyway which is a narrow pedestrian lane in a city or a mountain path or a mountain valley. Galyat is plural of Gali. The following are some Galayat in Pakistan:

  • Dunga Gali
  • Ghora Gali
  • Nathia Gali
  • Khaira Gali
  • Bara Gali
  • Darya Gali
  • Chehr Gali
  • Galyat, plural of Gali in Urdu
  • Jhika Gali
  • Changla Gali
  • Berin Gali

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