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A three-part live-action mini-series adaptation of Futari Ecchi aired on the Pay-per-view channel WOWOW in 2000. They were titled (STEP1「オトコの気持ち♂勇者になりたい」?), (STEP2「オンナの気持ち♀感じてみたい」?) and (STEP3「二人の気持ち いざハネムーン!」?), and all directed by Gen Yamakawa.

The June 2011 issue of Young Animal Arashi announced Futari Ecchi would be receiving both a live-action film adaptation and a live-action web series.

The web series was streamed on Ustream and stars Nana Nanaumi and Shinnosuke Fukushima as Yura and Makoto. It premiered in July 2011 and had fifteen 12-minute episodes created. The entire series was released in DVD and Blu-ray box sets on September 16, 2011, with three additional episodes and a bonus DVD with a making-of feature.

The film stars Yūri Morishita and Riki Miura as Yura and Makoto, was directed by Kazuhiro Yokoyama and written by Juri Sanemura. The first film was released on June 18, 2011 and received a DVD release on September 2. At an event for the DVD release, a sequel called Futari H: Second Kiss (ふたりエッチ セカンド♥キッス?) was announced to began filming in October. Hikaru Okada replaces Miura as Makoto in the sequel, which hit theaters on December 17, 2011.

Just like previously, a third film was announced at the second's DVD release party. The third and fourth films, titled Futari Ecchi: Triple Love (ふたりエッチ トリプル♥ラブ?) and Futari Ecchi: Love Forever (ふたりエッチ ラブ♥フォーエバー?) were both released on May 12, 2012. They were released on DVD on June 15 and August 3 respectively.

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