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Screen-labeled Function Keys - Graphical Calculators
... As of 2008, HP calculators use this arrangement to implement hierarchical trees of functions ... They are rarely found on PC applications, even though the first IBM PC BASIC labeled function key use at the bottom of the screen, and there were 12 function keys, patterned after use on IBM terminals ... Modern Texas Instruments calculators such as the TI-89 series use function keys to open drop-down menus on their menu bar, the menu title acting like the key label ...
HP 2640 - Functionality
... Alphabetic, numeric, and an array of cursor positioning and editing keys somewhat similar to modern PC keyboard layouts ... There were also a number of smaller function and feature control keys arrayed in two rows above the normal keypad areas ... Although large, users loved the keyboard because "it had a key for everything" ...
Screen-labeled Function Keys
... Screen-labeled function keys are a special case of function keys where keys are placed near a screen, which provides labels for them ... desktop computer was the first calculator with two rows of 4 keys, over which a paper overlay would be placed ... that the HP 2640 terminals could lock the top two lines of the screen, so they displayed the key functions there ...
ISO/IEC 9995-2
... ISO/IEC 9995-2 specifies requirements for the keys contained in the alphanumeric section (see the description of ISO/IEC 9995-1 above) ... being a part of the alphanumeric section) has to contain 47 or more keys used to input characters, including the Space bar which has to be placed in the lowest row (row A according to the reference grid ... Also, there must be at least 12 keys in row E (the upmost row) in positions E00 to E15, containing all keys to input the decimal digits, at least 12 keys in row D in positions D01 to D15 ...
Apple Keyboard - Layout
... of the more ubiquitous IBM PC keyboard, mainly in its modifier and special keys ... from other keyboards include The Command key (⌘), used in most Mac keyboard shortcuts ... The key functions as a Meta key in Unix-like environments, and is semantically equivalent to the Windows key in Windows environments, although in common applications it performs the same function as the Windows ...

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