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Second French Indochina Campaign - Consequences
... The Republic of China, which had given shelter to escaped French troops, and the United States, were reluctant to start a large-scale operation to restore French authority, as they did not favour ... Both countries ordered that their forces provide no assistance to the French, but General Claire Lee Chennault went against orders, and aircraft from his 51st Fighter Group ... organisation Force 136 had been conducting minor operations in French Indochina since late 1944 ...
Timeline Of The Turkish War Of Independence - 1921
... The battle lasts three days and ends with a victory for the Turkish troops under İsmet Pasha's command (later İsmet İnönü in reference to the two battles). 1921, Feb 08 Antep surrenders to French forces after 384 days of fighting. 1921, Mar 07 French occupation troops are forced to evacuate Kadirli faced to the resistance and assaults of the Turkish Revolutionaries ...
Ancient Vietnam - Late Dynastic Period (939 – 1945) - Nguyễn Dynasty & French Protectorate (1802 – 1945)
... Nguyễn Ánh, the surviving heir of the Nguyễn Lords, and the Tây Sơn Dynasty, a French Roman Catholic prelate, Pigneaux de Behaine, sailed to France to seek military backing for Nguyễn Ánh ... the Little Treaty of Versailles which promised French military aid in exchange for Vietnamese concessions ... However, because of the French Revolution, Pigneaux's plan failed to materialize ...
Siamese Revolution Of 1688 - Ousting of French Forces (1688)
... Large-scale attacks were launched on the two French fortresses in Siam, and on June 24, 1688, the French under du Bruant and the Chevalier de Beauregard had to abandon ... He and his troops were stranded on a deserted island for four months before being captured by a British warship ... In the Siege of Bangkok, Phetracha besieged the French fortress in Bangkok with 40,000 men and over a hundred cannon, for a period of four months ...
Battle Of Amstetten
... during the War of the Third Coalition between the First French Empire and the alliance of Austria and Russia. 1805, when the retreating Russo-Austrian troops, led by Mikhail Kutuzov, were intercepted by Marshal Joachim Murat's cavalry and a portion of Marshal Jean Lannes' corps ... Pyotr Bagration defended against the advancing French troops and allowed the Russian troops to retreat ...

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    But, where the road runs near the stream,
    Oft through the trees they catch a glance
    Of passing troops in the sun’s beam—
    Pennon, and plume, and flashing lance!
    Forth to the world those soldiers fare,
    To life, to cities, and to war!
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

    ... the French know that you must not succeed you must rise from the ashes and how could you rise from the ashes if there were no ashes, but the Germans never think of ashes and so when there are ashes there is no rising, not at all and every day and in every way this is clearer and clearer.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)