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Battle Of Grand Port - Duperré's Arrival
... These ships were Guy-Victor Duperré's squadron of Bellone, Minerve, corvette Victor and prizes Windham and Ceylon returning from the Comoros Islands ... British occupation of the island, and Willoughby intended to lure the French squadron into the channel by concealing the British presence off the harbour ... would be unable to break out unaided, thus isolating Duperré's squadron from Hamelin's force in Port Napoleon and containing the French in separate harbours to prevent them from concentrating against the ...
HMS Galatea (1810) - Napoleonic Wars
... On 6 May 1811, a French squadron of frigates under the command of Commodore François Roquebert in Renommée approached Grand Port, not realizing that Isle de France (now Mauritius) had fallen to the ... The French squadron escaped an encounter with an equivalent British squadron under Captain Charles Marsh Schomberg of Astraea ... Hillyar, and the brig-sloop Racehorse, sighted the French 40-gun frigates Renommée, Clorinde and Néréide off the Isle de France, whilst Astraea was lying in Port Louis ...
French Ship Ça Ira (1781) - Career - French Revolution
... she took part in the Battle of Genoa under Captain Coudé, in which a French squadron, under Admiral Pierre Martin, was pursued off Alassio by a superior British fleet consisting of 15 ... and main topmasts and falling back of the French squadron ... duel continued for four hours until French ships came to support Ça Ira, compelling Agamemnon to retreat ...
Troude's Expedition To The Caribbean
... the Caribbean was a naval operation by a French force under Commodore Amable-Gilles Troude during the Napoleonic Wars ... The French squadron departed from Lorient in February 1809 in an attempt to reach and resupply the island colony of Martinique in the Caribbean Sea, then ... of the successful invasion and took shelter from a British squadron in the Îles des Saintes, where they were blockaded by part of the British invasion fleet ...
Charlemagne Class Battleship - Careers - World War I
... Together with the older French pre-dreadnoughts, the trio escorted Allied troop convoys through the Mediterranean for the first several months of the war ... the flagship of the newly formed Syrian Squadron (escadre de Syrie) on 9 February ... The squadron was intended to attack Turkish positions and lines of communication in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and the Sinai Peninsula ...

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    In bourgeois society, the French and the industrial revolution transformed the authorization of political space. The political revolution put an end to the formalized hierarchy of the ancien regimé.... Concurrently, the industrial revolution subverted the social hierarchy upon which the old political space was based. It transformed the experience of society from one of vertical hierarchy to one of horizontal class stratification.
    Donald M. Lowe, U.S. historian, educator. History of Bourgeois Perception, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1982)