Frederick Ottoman

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List Of Battles 1401–1800 - Early 18th Century (1701–50)
... Battle of Prut – Ottoman Turks defeat Peter I of Russia ... Battle of Petrovaradin – 5 August – Austria defeats the Ottomans 1718 Battle of the Salween River September – Zunghar froces defeat a Chinese expeditionary force ... the Spanish 1739 Battle of Grocka – 22 July/23 – Ottoman Empire defeats Austria 1739 Battle of Stavuchany – Russians defeat Ottoman Empire 1741 – Battle of Cartagena de Indias March–May ...
1620s - Significant People
... II (1572–1635), Lebanese prince and governor of the Ottoman province of Syria, in office (as governor) 1624–1632 Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland of. 1619–1620 (as King of Bohemia) Frederick Ulrich (1591–1634), Duke of Brunswick-Calenberg, held position 1613–1634 Galileo Galilei of Tuscany (1564–1642), astronomer and physicist Gang ... poet, composer, and secretary under Stadtholders Frederick Henry and William II Im Gyeong Eop of Korea (1594–1646), general Sigismondo d'India (1582–1629), Italian composer Nicholas ...
List Of Warrior Nun Areala Characters - Villains - Dr. Frederick Ottoman and The Teutonic Knights
... Frederick Ottoman is the leader of the Teutonic Knights a Neo-Nazi group that seeks to establish a Fourth Reich ... Ottoman's Nazi roots run deep ... It has been stated by creator Ben Dunn that the Ottoman family is not necessarily German and that is seen with Frederick Ottoman's father—and presumably the Colonel's son—Selim Ottoman ...

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    But since ‘tis only Fred,
    Who was alive and is dead,
    There’s no more to be said.
    —Unknown. On Prince Frederick (l. 11–13)