Fractal - Applications in Technology

Applications in Technology

  • fractal antennas
  • Fractal transistor
  • fractal heat exchangers
  • digital imaging
  • urban growth
  • Classification of histopathology slides
  • Fractal landscape or Coastline complexity
  • Enzyme/enzymology (Michaelis-Menten kinetics)
  • Generation of new music
  • Signal and image compression
  • Creation of digital photographic enlargements
  • Seismology
  • Fractal in soil mechanics
  • Computer and video game design
  • computer graphics
  • organic environments
  • procedural generation
  • Fractography and fracture mechanics
  • Small angle scattering theory of fractally rough systems
  • T-shirts and other fashion
  • Generation of patterns for camouflage, such as MARPAT
  • Digital sundial
  • Technical analysis of price series
  • Fractals in networks
  • medicine
  • neuroscience
  • diagnostic imaging
  • pathology
  • geology
  • geography
  • archaeology
  • soil mechanics
  • seismology
  • search and rescue
  • technical analysis

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