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Paleoentomology - Evolutionary History - Cretaceous
... There are a large number of important fossil sites worldwide containing beetles from the Cretaceous ... A few of the fossil sites mentioned in the chapter Jurassic also shed some light on the early cretaceous beetle fauna (e.g ... Further important sites from the Lower Cretaceous include the Crato Fossil Beds in the Araripe basin in the Ceará, North Brazil as well as overlying Santana formation, with ...
Goseong County, South Gyeongsang - Fossil Sites
... The whole area was on the way of propelling registration of UNESCO natural heritages with other southern coast-lying regions ... Fossil sites on the southern coast of Korea are the largest scale in Asia ...
Hemicyon - Fossil Sites
18 million years ago) Thomas Farm site local fauna ... Other Hemicyon fossil finds include H ... de Aragon, Spain a Hemicyon found at the Somosaguas site, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid H ...

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    The earth is not a mere fragment of dead history, stratum upon stratum like the leaves of a book, to be studied by geologists and antiquaries chiefly, but living poetry like the leaves of a tree, which precede flowers and fruit,—not a fossil earth, but a living earth; compared with whose great central life all animal and vegetable life is merely parasitic.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)