Fortran 95 Language Features

Fortran 95 Language Features

This is a comprehensive overview of features of the Fortran 95 language, the version supported by almost all existing Fortran compilers. Included are the additional features of TR-15581:Enhanced Data Type Facilities, that have been universally implemented. Old features that have been superseded by new ones are not described — few of those historic features are used in modern programs (although most have been retained in the language to maintain backward compatibility). Although the current standard is Fortran 2008, even many of those features first introduced into Fortran 2003 are still being implemented. The additional features of Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008 are described by Metcalf, Reid and Cohen.

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Fortran 95 Language Features - Operations On External Files - The Inquire Statement
... For inquire by unit inquire (unit=u, ilist) or for inquire by file inquire (file=fln, ilist) or for inquire by I/O list inquire (iolength=length) olist As an example logical ex, op character (len=11) nam, acc, seq, frm integer irec, nr inquire (unit=2, exist=ex, opened=op, name=nam, access=acc, sequential=seq, form=frm, recl=irec, nextrec=nr) yields ex.true ... op.true ...

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