Follicular Thyroid Cancer

Follicular thyroid cancer accounts for 15% of thyroid cancer and occurs more commonly in women over 50 years of age. Thyroglobulin (Tg) can be used as a tumor marker for well-differentiated follicular thyroid cancer.

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... Superior horn of thyroid cartilage Superior horn of thyroid cartilage Superior horn of thyroid cartilage Superior horn of thyroid cartilage Superior horn of thyroid cartilage Superior horn of thyroid cartilage ...
Follicular Thyroid Cancer - Associated Mutations
... Approximately one-half of follicular thyroid carcinomas have mutations in the Ras subfamily of oncogenes, most notably HRAS, NRAS, and KRAS ... Also, a chromosomal translocation specific for follicular thyroid carcinomas is one between paired box gene 8 (PAX-8), a gene important in thyroid development, and the gene encoding peroxisome ... The PAX8-PPARγ1 fusion is present in approximately one-third of follicular thyroid carcinomas, specifically those cancers with a t(23)(q13p25) translocation ...
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... reviewed the significance of malignant C-cell carcinoma and thyroid C-cell focal hyperplasia in rats and mice ... Box Warning “ Because of the uncertain relevance of the rodent thyroid C-cell tumor findings to humans, prescribe Victoza only to patients for whom the potential benefits are considered to outweigh ... The FDA said serum calcitonin, a biomarker of medulliary thyroid cancer, was slightly increased in liraglutide patients, but still within normal ...
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Thyroid Cancer
... Thyroid cancer is a malignant neoplasm originating from follicular or parafollicular thyroid cells ... The most effective management of aggressive thyroid cancers is surgical removal of thyroid gland (thyroidectomy) followed by radioactive iodine ablation and TSH-suppresion therapy ... Chemotherapy or radiotherapy may also be used in cases of distant metastases or advanced cancer stage ...

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