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New Mexican Cuisine - Popular Foods and Dishes
... Burrito a small-to-medium white flour tortilla, filled with fried meat, beans, sour cream, green chile, or a combination of these, and rolled, it is often served smothered with green/red chile sauce and ... much larger (often twice as large or more), includes rice, and may use colored and flavored tortillas ... Chalupa a corn tortilla, fried into a bowl shape and filled with shredded chicken or other meat, and/or beans, and usually topped with guacamole and salsa ...
... as a base a quesadilla, consisting of a flour tortilla filled with cheese (quesadilla) and "al pastor" meat, topped with cheese ... Some say the name appears to come from the dark spots that appear on the white surface of flour tortillas when heated, that resemble of freckles in white skin, a "gringa ... In general, the name was established from the idea that (wheat) flour tortillas are preferred north of the border ...
Antojito - Types of Street Food
... A taco simply is a folded tortilla with some kind of filling ... Most tacos are made with corn tortillas, except in the very north of the country where flour tortillas dominate ... The tortillas used in Mexican tacos are soft, although the entire taco can be fried, which is called “dorado” (lit ...
Tortia - Consumption - United States
... In the United States, the tortilla is no longer seen as just ethnic bread ... Many Americans use wheat flour tortillas in various dishes ... As a testament to their popularity, the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) estimated Americans consumed approximately 85 billion tortillas in 2000 (not including tortilla chips) ...
Doner Kebab - Regional Variations - The Americas - Mexico
... The meat is cooked and then sliced into a corn tortilla ... baguette" (also called cemita), or simply in flour tortillas ... the dish has adapted to the Mexican cuisine by replacing the pita with corn tortillas, in what is now called a taco al pastor, "shepherd taco" ...

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