Floating Point Values

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RGBE Image Format
... It stores pixels as one byte each for RGB (red, green, and blue) values with a one byte shared exponent ... have the extended range and precision of floating point values ... Often when images are generated from light simulations, the range of pixels values is much greater than will nicely fit into the standard 0..255 range of ...
Infinite Loop - Intended Vs Unintended Looping - Unintentional Looping - Variable Handling Errors
... is that the loop terminating condition (x != 1.1) tests for exact equality of two floating point values, and the way floating point values are represented in many computers ... it is safer to use greater-than or less-than tests when dealing with floating-point values ...
CABS - Overview of Functions
... that are, the functions accept only type double for the floating-point arguments ... Function Description abs labs llabs computes absolute value of an integer value fabs computes absolute value of a floating point value div ldiv lldiv computes the quotient and remainder of integer ...

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