Flight Levels

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Flight Planning - Units of Measurement
... Flight plans use an unusual mixture of metric and non-metric units of measurement ... different height units may be used at different points during a single flight) ... and these are the distances which are shown on a flight plan ...
Flight Plan - Flight Levels
... Flight levels (FL) are used by air traffic controllers to simplify the vertical separation of aircraft and one exists every 1000 feet relative to an agreed pressure level ... of mercury is entered into the altimeter and altitude is then referred to as a flight level ... The altimeter reading is converted to a flight level by removing the trailing two zeros for example, 29000 feet becomes FL290 ...
Eustatic - Aviation - Flight Level
... Above that level, pilots are primarily interested in avoiding each other, so they adjust their altimeter to standard temperature and pressure conditions (average sea level pressure and temperature) and disregard actual ... To distinguish from MSL, such altitudes are called flight levels ... Standard pilot shorthand is to express flight level as hundreds of feet, so FL 240 is 24,000 feet (7,300 m) ...

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