Fixed Points

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Boundedly Generated Group - Free Groups Are Not Boundedly Generated - Gromov Boundary
... Moreover any element g in Fn has exactly two fixed points g±∞, namely the reduced infinite words given by the limits of gn as n tends to ±∞ ... Let X0 be the countable subset given by the finitely many Fn-orbits of the fixed points hi ±∞, the fixed points of the hi and all their conjugates ... X is uncountable, there is an element of g with fixed points outside X0 and a point w outside X0 different from these fixed points ...
Random Permutation Statistics - A Problem From The 2005 Putnam Competition
... if is even and if is odd, and is the number of fixed points of ... minus the length of a contributing cycle, and marks fixed points ... right for a permutation is, where f is the number of fixed points of ...
Stirling Numbers Of The First Kind - Identities Involving Stirling Numbers of The First Kind - Simple Identities - Combinatorial Proofs
... of n − 3 cycles? There are three possibilities n − 6 fixed points and three two-cycles n − 5 fixed points, a three-cycle and a two-cycle, and n − 4 fixed ...
Cycles And Fixed Points
... the length of the corresponding cycle when l = 1, the cycle is called a fixed point ... In counting the fixed points among the cycles of a permutation, the combinatorial notion of cycle differs from the group theoretical one, where a cycle is a permutation in itself, and its length ... Here 5 an 7 are fixed points of π, since π(5)=5 and π(7)=7 ...

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    The three main medieval points of view regarding universals are designated by historians as realism, conceptualism, and nominalism. Essentially these same three doctrines reappear in twentieth-century surveys of the philosophy of mathematics under the new names logicism, intuitionism, and formalism.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    Genius detects through the fly, through the caterpillar, through the grub, through the egg, the constant individual; through countless individuals the fixed species; through many species the genus; through all genera the steadfast type; through all the kingdoms of organized life the eternal unity. Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)