• (noun): A substance capable of bringing about fermentation.
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Krzysztof Klicki - Business Empire
... - Ferment (2005) - is a publisher specializing in copyright music projects ... It sells the magazine "Music Ferment Demonstrations", together with CDs of music by selected artists ... A characteristic feature of Ferment musical projects is their design the magazine with the CD is placed in a large envelope resembling an analogue cover plate.The innovator of this publishing concept is ...
... A pre-ferment is a fermentation starter used in bread making, and is referred to as an indirect method ... A pre-ferment and a longer fermentation in the bread-making process have several benefits there is more time for yeast, enzyme and, if sourdough, bacterial actions on the starch and ... Though pre-ferments have declined in popularity as direct additions of yeast in bread recipes have streamlined the process on a commercial level, pre-ferments of various forms are widely used in artisanal ...
Pre-ferment - Use
... A pre-ferment is easy to make and usually consists of a simple mixture of wheat flour, water, and a leavening agent (typically yeast) ... the amounts of each ingredient, and when they are added, depend on pre-ferment and final-dough formulas ... or 1-to-1 is 100% hydration, and results in a relatively fluid pre-ferment ...
Sorbitol-Mac Conkey Agar
... MacConkey agar has been used to distinguish those bacteria that ferment lactose from those that do not ... gut bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, can typically ferment lactose, while important gut pathogens, such as Salmonella enterica and most shigellas are unable to ferment lactose ... Shigella sonnei can ferment lactose, but only after prolonged incubation, so it is referred to as a late-lactose fermenter ...
Winemaking - Preservatives
... If added after alcoholic ferment it will have the effect of preventing or stopping malolactic fermentation, bacterial spoilage and help protect against the damaging effects of oxygen ... making of red wine, sulfur dioxide may be used at high levels (100 mg per liter) prior to ferment to assist in color stabilization ... it is used at the end of malolactic ferment and performs the same functions as in white wine ...

More definitions of "ferment":

  • (verb): Cause to undergo fermentation.
    Example: "We ferment the grapes for a very long time to achieve high alcohol content"
    Synonyms: work
  • (verb): Work up into agitation or excitement.
    Example: "Islam is fermenting Africa"
  • (verb): Be in an agitated or excited state.
    Example: "The Middle East is fermenting"; "Her mind ferments"
  • (noun): A process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol.
    Synonyms: zymosis, zymolysis, fermentation, fermenting
  • (noun): A state of agitation or turbulent change or development.
    Example: "The political ferment produced a new leadership"
    Synonyms: agitation, fermentation, unrest
  • (noun): A chemical phenomenon in which an organic molecule splits into simpler substances.
    Synonyms: fermentation

Famous quotes containing the word ferment:

    It is not all bad, this getting old, ripening. After the fruit has got its growth it should juice up and mellow. God forbid I should live long enough to ferment and rot and fall to the ground in a squash.
    Emily Carr (1871–1945)