Felkin Model

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Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction - Felkin-Anh Model
... The Felkin-Anh model is an extension of the Felkin model that incorporates improvements suggested by Nguyen T ... Eisenstein to correct for two key weaknesses in Felkin's model ... The first weakness addressed was the statement by Felkin of a strong polar effect in nucleophilic addition transition states, which leads to the complete inversion of stereochemistry by SN2 reactions ...
Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction - Felkin Model
... The Felkin model (1968) named after Hugh Felkin also predicts the stereochemistry of nucleophilic addition reactions to carbonyl groups ... Felkin argued that the Cram model suffered a major drawback an eclipsed conformation in the transition state between the carbonyl substituent (the hydrogen atom in aldehydes ... also increased, which is not predicted by Cram's rule The Felkin rules are The transition states are reactant-like ...

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