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Story Plot

The main plot of the series takes place in the 1990s and focuses on Gaia Moore, a seventeen year old girl with a tragic past who is incapable of feeling fear. The series is largely based on the relationships and interactions that Gaia has with people over the years, her search for the origins of her fearless nature, and her struggle to feel like a normal teenager.

The series deals with much violence, as the characters are all constantly put in dangerous situations. In every volume, an antagonist is always trying to manipulate or capture Gaia because of her fearless condition.

There are three main story arcs in the book series which all have primary antagonists for each arc. The first story arc is Gaia's struggle to live a normal life and her fight against Loki (Oliver Moore) and his criminal organization. The second story arc deals with Gaia learning about her history and have Natasha, Tatiana and the Russian crime lord Yuri (who's pseudonym is Dmitri) as the primary antagonists.

The third story arc deals with a permanent solution to Gaia's fearless condition and has the Rodke Corporation as the primary antagonists. Throughout all the story arcs there are minor antagonists and themes that each book deals with. The series ends after Gaia graduates high school.

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