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The Dance Of Passion - Awards - Nominations
... Supporting Role" (Helen Ma - Gwai Lan) "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Bowie Lam - Yim Man-Hei) "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Moses Chan - Sung Tung-Sing ...
Linda Chung - Career - TV Career - Prominence
... In 2011, Chung was the second female lead in "Yes, Sir ... She had just played her character Miss Koo from the 8th episode till the end ... as she was affected by Law Sir (Moses Chan's character), this made the audience pay enthusiastic attention on their sweet and emotional scenes ...
Born Rich (TV Series) - Award Nominations
... Actress (Kenix Kwok) Best Supporting Actor (Kenneth Ma) My Favourite Male Character (Ray Lui) My Favourite Male Character (Gallen Lo) My Favourite Female Character (Anita Yuen) My Favourite Female ...
Christine Ng - Filmography - Television Series
... Ching Mei-Lai 程美麗 (Emily) TVB Best Actress Nomination (Top 20) My Favourite Female Character Nomination (Top 20) Hope for Sale 《街市的童話》 蘇由美 TVB 2007 The Green Grass of ...
Susanna Kwan - Awards
... TVB Anniversary Awards (2007) Won My Favourite Female Character as Wong Sau Kam in Heart of Greed Nominated Best Actress as Wong Sau Kam in Heart of Greed TVB Anniversary Awards (2008) Nominated Best ...

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    If it were not somewhat fanciful to suppose that every human excellence is presented, as it were, in one kind of being, we might believe that the whole treasure of morality and order is enshrined in the female character.
    Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt (1767–1835)

    The legislator should direct his attention above all to the education of youth; for the neglect of education does harm to the constitution. The citizen should be molded to suit the form of government under which he lives. For each government has a peculiar character which originally formed and which continues to preserve it. The character of democracy creates democracy, and the character of oligarchy creates oligarchy.
    Aristotle (384–323 B.C.)

    If you would be a favourite of your king, address yourself to his weaknesses. An application to his reason will seldom prove very successful.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)

    It is not menstrual blood per se which disturbs the imagination—unstanchable as that red flood may be—but rather the albumen in the blood, the uterine shreds, placental jellyfish of the female sea. This is the chthonian matrix from which we rose. We have an evolutionary revulsion from slime, our site of biologic origins. Every month, it is woman’s fate to face the abyss of time and being, the abyss which is herself.
    Camille Paglia (b. 1947)