Fatty Acid Metabolism

Fatty Acid Metabolism

Fatty acids are an important source of energy and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for many cellular organisms. Excess fatty acids, glucose, and other nutrients can be stored efficiently as fat. Triglycerides yield more than twice as much energy for the same mass as do carbohydrates or proteins. All cell membranes are built up of phospholipids, each of which contains two fatty acids. Fatty acids are also used for protein modification. The metabolism of fatty acids, therefore, consists of catabolic processes that generate energy and primary metabolites from fatty acids, and anabolic processes that create biologically important molecules from fatty acids and other dietary carbon sources.

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Fatty Acid Metabolism - Disorders
... Disorders of fatty acid metabolism can be described in terms of, for example, hypertriglyceridemia (too high level of triglycerides), or other types of hyperlipidemia ... Familial types of disorders of fatty acid metabolism are generally classified as inborn errors of lipid metabolism ... These disorders may be described as fatty oxidation disorders or as a lipid storage disorders, and are any one of several inborn errors of metabolism that result from enzyme ...
Fatty-acid Metabolism Disorder
... of the body to produce or utilize one enzyme that is required to oxidize fatty acids ... This leaves the body unable to produce energy within the liver and muscles from fatty acid sources ... Individuals with a fatty-acid metabolism disorder are unable to metabolize this fat source for energy, halting bodily processes ...
Fatty-acid Metabolism Disorder - Diagnosis
... Diagnosis of Fatty-acid metabolism disorder requires extensive lab testing ... There are many labs that can be used for testing and diagnosing Fatty-acid metabolism disorders ... Normally, in cases of hypoglycaemia, triglycerides and fatty acids are metabolised to provide glucose/energy ...

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