Family Life Education

Family Life Education (FLE) is the effort made by American professional organizations, universities, and individuals to strengthen families through social science education.

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    One of the greatest faults of the women of the present time is a silly fear of things, and one object of the education of girls should be to give them knowledge of what things are really dangerous.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    The politics of the family are the politics of a nation. Just as the authoritarian family is the authoritarian state in microcosm, the democratic family is the best training ground for life in a democracy.
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (20th century)

    I have lifted the veil. I have created life, wrested the secret of life from life. Now do you understand? From the lives of those who have gone before, I have created life.
    Edward T. Lowe, and Frank Strayer. Dr. von Niemann (Lionel Atwill)