Falcitornoceratinae is one of three subfamilies of the Tornoceratidae family, a member of the Goniatitida order. Shells produced are extremely involute and have no umbilicus. Young and intermediate whorls have ventrolateral grooves. The adventitious lobe, which develops ontogenetically between the external, or ventral, and lateral lobes, is widely rounded. Tornoceratids in which the Falcitornoceratinae are included are involute, subdiscoidal, with sutures that form 6 to 10 lobes.

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Tornoceratidae - Taxonomy
... Part L, revised to include three subfamilies, the Tornoceratinae, Aulatornoceratinae, and Falcitornoceratinae ... Aulatornoceratinae and Falcitornoceratinae were established by Becker in 1993 Aulatornoceratinae based on Aulatornoceras, named by Schindewolf in 1922 Falcitornoceratinae on ... Tornoceratinae in turn gave rise to Aulatornoceratinae and Falcitornoceratinae ...