Faiz Gear

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List Of Kamen Rider Decade Episodes - Episodes - 555 Faces, 1 Treasure
... April 5, 2009 After Tsukasa recovers the Faiz Gear, he learns Diend's reasons for wanting the belt before Takumi regains it so he and a shocked Yuri can escape on the Autovajin ... only to be forsaken, a saddened Takumi attempts to dispose of the Faiz Gear into the river ... Managing to save the Gear while following him, Tsukasa returns to the photo studio where he put Yuri's confusion at ease ...
List Of Kamen Rider 555 Episodes - Episodes
... Mari attempts to use the Faiz belt to fight, but fails ... Takumi still refuses to help Mari protect the Faiz Gear and leaves her when he finds that she has been lying to him about her wrist being hurt ... The next morning, Mari finds Keitaro and the Faiz Gear gone ...

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